Rustic Roastery

Fresh roasted coffee beans: transforming your daily cup of coffee into something different, something better, something fresh, something you can enjoy! Where did you start on your coffee journey? Mine started in the tropics and highlands of Colima Mexico, on the flanks of the “Volcano of Fire”. I thought, mistakenly, that the close source of coffee producers helped create the unique and flavorful “cup of joe” I’d learned to appreciate every morning. But I had some nagging doubts about coffee, why did it seem to change in taste after couple of weeks? Ah, It must be the tropical heat… Or I’m just not brewing correctly (I’m really only a beginner at this yet). I began see a pattern developing though, A fresh bag of beans was key! “Fresh Roasted” being the key words! So, the important question wasn’t where’s it from, or what variety, or how it was roasted, or or… While these all made a difference, the important question was “When was it roasted?” With fresh roasted beans, the others variables then became only steps of the tasting adventure. Come journey with me and we’ll enjoy the pleasantries of a fresh cup (or two or three) of coffee together.


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