Business Vision

To provide you, our customer, with the freshest coffee possible. To provide enough varieties of coffee (From single origins to blends) to keep the tasting journey interesting, exploring the unique tastes that different regions can provide us. To connect with coffee lovers and share about “what works for me”.

Bean Suppliers

Royal Coffee is our main supplier now. Here’s a paragraph from their About page:

“We now import the finest coffees in the world, from over 30 countries of origin and a vast network of producing partners. From warehouses in Oakland, Seattle, Madison, Houston and Shanghai, Royal supplies some of the top roasting houses around the globe. Our humble roots continue to inform our day to day operations though, as many of our clients get their start with us buying a single bag of coffee.”

They are not in the race for the bottom dollar offerings. This means they are placing quality and freshness above profitablity. This bean quality is then reflected in the quality of the coffee a small roaster like myself can offer you, the discerning customer.

Crop to Cup is a new supplier for us now. They place a premium on the relationship between the producer and the consumer. I’m trying to relate as much info as I can that they have provided about the coffees they source. Here’s a small part of their company vision:

“Every coffee has a story to tell. It starts with the farmer, who translates wind and rain, soil and sun, into a sensational array of sugars and acidity, body and balance. And it continues from the crop to the cup, engaging and celebrating every actor in between. At Crop to Cup Coffee Importers, we complete the story by carrying it back to the farm in the form of pride and recognition, learning and improvement. And the cycle continues year after year, with the power to energize your menu, educate your staff and engage your customers.

On this site you will find photos, facts and figures that you can use to enhance your own story of why you select a certain coffee. You can tell that story on your bag labels, your cup sleeves, your website, your newsletters, and – most importantly – in your daily conversation. It’s how you help keep the cycle of storytelling alive.”

Smokin Beans Coffee Co. is another company that has been great to work with. Their wide selection of green beans can be ordered in smaller quantities, which is great for sampling and learning what beans from different regions roast or taste like. They also provide fast shipping times together with a reasonable price.

Roasting Facilities

We roast on an Artisan 6M, manufactured by Coffee Crafters in Washington state. They are great to work with and have produced a quality fluid-bed air roaster with a good roasting capacity. This unit enables the artisan style of roasting together with variable batch sizes which allow us to fill nearly any order quantity with reasonable efficiency.

We usually try to roast on Thursdays with delivery on Fridays. Feel free to request orders outside of this schedule though! We also try to keep a small supply of fresh beans on hand. Stop by or call ahead if that’s your preference. We will gladly customize your order to meet your tastes (Helping you find your preferences even) by changing roast level, whole or ground (and grind size), quantity and package size. A weekly order seems to meet most peoples needs the best.

The Artisan Roaster

A style of roasting where the roaster is connected to the roast by sight, smell and sound. Mixing the use of instrumentation and equipment with the human sensory inputs to finish the roast at (hopefully) the apex of it’s flavor.